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Dr. Med. B. Donhoeffner has a PhD. in Medicine, Gynecology, Orthomolecular Medicine and is a doctor of Applied Kinesiology. She is a consultant at the German Medical Association for Orthomolecular Medicine and the Austrian Orthomolecular Academy.​ She owned a clinic in Germany with focus on woman's health and surgery, training medical doctors at the University Duesseldorf, before expanding into Holistic and Regenerative Health of body and mind and Quantumfield therapy.
Her life's calling is to assist men and women to feel and function at their very best. Your body and spirit are treated sacredly with any of her treatments.

" We are multidimensional beings, affected by the field we are immersed in and we need to be looked at as such. Allopathic medicine with one- size- fits-all model is outdated and long overhauled. I treat the human instead of masking symptoms. Every one of my patients is an individual being and all treatments and recommendations are custom tested and continually modified to the individual's changes." 


Holistic Medicine On the Cutting Edge

Orthomolecular Medicine

Vitamin and Nutrient Optimisation  

Hormone Therapy all Natural


Activated - Water IVs 

Oxygen Therapy

Detox and Toning 

Ph- Level Optimization

Scar- Tissue Reduction

Aminoacid and Mineral IVs

Potency/ Pregnancy Issues 

Biological Treatment of Osteoporosis 

Poorly Healing Wounds 

Honey IVs


High-Dosage Vit C IVs 

Parasite Treatment

Shock and Trauma Treatment 

Osteopathic Treatment 

My Cell Treatments and Stem Cell Injection 

Hypnotherapy, NLP shifts

Conception Energy  (The Energy You Emit) -Shift

Prophilo Injections

Microcurrent Treatments

and so much more.

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